"Rio Nova"

Bossa Samba

These songs will soon be linked to youtube.com where Ascap and BMI are paid.  

The Frog

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The original female singer in the Brazil 66 band was in love with Herb Alpert. They married and send Sergio Mendez to find a new singer, who he married.



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These are perfect social songs from the explosion of the California inspired "Latin Cuban, New Orleans infleuenced Calipso with Linda Ronstadt & Beach Boys infusion.

Samba De Orfio

The Movie "Black Orfeus"was the introduction tom this smoldering music. when I first learned of the Bosa Nova, It was then I new I was bound for a journey.



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when I first learned of the Bosa Nova, I was in high school loving the hootinany days and Peter Paul and Mary. It was then I new I was bound for a journey with the bosa nova.


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Singing together in harmonies with songs like this are begging for the dancers to dance the passion.


The Mooncoin &

Bryan O'Lynn


Butterfly- Rocky Road



O'Lafferty's Reel


Cup Of Tea



Coleraine / Greensleeves


Big Bells


What A Wonderful World


Wizard Of Illusion



Celtic Ethnic


Tamlin's Reel

Coleraine Greensleeves

Butterfly Rocky Road

Lafferty's Reel

Thats The Way It Goes

Cup Of Tea

Begin The Beguine

"Jive Music"



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